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Quotes from Susan Campbell's book, Getting Real
Susan M. Campbell, Ph.D.
4373 Hessel Ct.
Sebastopol, CA 95472
Phone: (707) 829-3646
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Welcome to my site where you can get the tools and help you need to resolve disagreements, personality clashes and other difficulties with your mate, co-workers, business associates, friends or family members; and to learn the ten truth skills you need to live an authentic life.

  • Is there a relationship in your life that is causing you stress? Or one from your past that remains incomplete?
  • Do you have difficulty being completely honest with some people?

Dr. Susan's newest book . . .

  • Do you get flustered or lose your effectiveness in the face of confrontation, conflict, negative feedback or others' attempts to control you?
  • Do you find it hard to communicate your needs or boundaries?
  • Or perhaps there is a power struggle or disagreement between others that is draining your (or your company's) energy.

I have been doing communication coaching and conflict resolution consulting and training with work teams, co-workers, business partners or associates, couples, families and friends since 1967. Call for a free introductory phone session.

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