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Susan M. Campbell, Ph.D.
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Honesty Salons

An Honesty Salon or Honesty Circle is a small group experience in which the same 6-12 people meet regularly to practice present-centered communication using the 10 truth skills. This is another wonderful way to meet people and get to know how others see you. Groups meet at least once a month for 2 or 3 hours each session. One person agrees to be the facilitator. The facilitator is someone who has attended one of Susan Campbell’s workshops or who has trained with Susan. If you want to start an Honesty Salon, contact Susan at 707 829-3646. There are several ways to go about starting a salon in your area:

  1. Help sponsor a two-day Getting Real or Truth in Dating workshop in your city, and at the end of the workshop ask participants to indicate their interest in being part of an on-going practice group. The group might be facilitated by you (with coaching from Susan Campbell or a member of her team), or you might have people take turns being the facilitator. There are groups in a number of cities that have started this way.
  2. Contact Susan about doing an Honesty Salon in a teleclass format for a group that you would help organize. Such a teleclass might occur one or one and a half hours per week and be composed of 6-12 participants. If you wish to help set up a teleclass for some of your friends or associates (e.g. a work team), call (707) 829-3646 or email Dr. Susan.
  3. Call Susan’s office for a consultation on “How to Start an Honesty Salon” in your city. She has handouts and other materials (including email lists of people interested in truth-telling in various cities).