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Susan M. Campbell, Ph.D.
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Truth in Dating Book Cover


LEADERSHIP IN A NEW ERA: Visionary Approaches to the Biggest Challenges of Our Time

Edited by John Renesch

(Here is another important book available from Susan Because Dr. Susan is a contributing author to this anthology, she is able to offer it at a significant discount.)

Each of the 22 authors in this 350 page book offers insight into the new leadership forms and new ways of thinking that are required in these turbulent times. It includes articles by expert consultants and business leaders such as Margaret Wheatley, Warren Bennis, Susan Campbell, Norman Lear, Ed Oakley and Stewart Emery on such topics as the glass ceiling, enlightened leadership, servant leadership, male and female stereoypes, paradox, and both/and thinking. (Lists for $34.50; available on this site for $22.00)

What a pleasure to learn from the best and the brightest.

Kye Anderson, President and CEO,
Medical Graphics Corp

Leadership in a New Era is a must read.

Darrell Brown, President and Executive Editor,
Leaders Magazine

Price: $22.00
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Leadership in a New Era