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The Getting Real Card Game

This card game is for two to fourteen players, ages ten and up. The idea behind the Getting Real Game is that it's more fun to tell the truth than it is to lie, pretend, and conform to others' expectations.As you play, you'll be developing the ten essential truth skills described in the book Getting Real. Learning these truth skills allows you to communicate your truth responsibly and compassionately. During the game, you will be asked to share your self-talk, create your own "wild cards," and communicate with the intent to relate, not to control.  The results are often profound, always provocative, sometimes disturbing, but mostly hilarious.  

Players take turns answering self-revealing questions or enacting improvised scenes. These questions are printed on the cards, which are placed in four different stacks, representing four levels of challenge. After answering a question, you may then ask for feedback from the other players.You can play this game over and over with the same or different people. It gets richer, and people get funnier, the more you play it.

The game can be customized for the audience you have in mind--so that it is challenging enough to be interesting, but not so scary that people feel unsafe.

Price: $30.00


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