From Triggered to Tranquil



In this book Dr. Campbell provides tools for navigating emotional reactivity in all types of interpersonal relationships, organized around five steps to “trigger mastery.” Her chapters address trigger reactions in relationships with children, spouses, bosses, coworkers, friends, and partners. In addition, she includes a chapter dedicated to being triggered by the collective existential crises humans are experiencing.

Most people have a subconscious fear of emotional pain that is basically running them. This fearm causes us to move through life always a bit on guard, never feeling safe. So, decisions get made from the lower brain centers — the centers designed for self-protection — rather than from the higher centers (pre-frontal cortex) that enable cooperation, empathy, and complex problem solving. If we are to solve today’s complex problems in a way that works for everyone, we need to know when our decisions and actions come from the reptilian part of the brain versus from our higher human potential. Mastering mindful presence is another part of the equation. Mindfulness education has oft been criticized for fostering spiritual bypassing and for ignoring the emotional aspect of self-witnessing. From Triggered to Tranquil addresses deeply buried emotions that need to be compassionately witnessed and embraced in order for the reader to experience the inner freedom and choice that mindfulness practices aim to provide.