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Here is my vision of how Getting Real Coaching can bring you more fun, profit, a sense of being part of a significant culture change movement, and profound personal and professional growth…


If you’re anything like me, you have already discovered that you simply feel better, more confident, more powerful, more loving, when you are “fully-self-expressed” vs when you are withholding and strategizing.

Also, people seem to get funnier and lighter as they get more real.

Playing the Getting Real card game or TRUTH AT WORK, or facilitating others playing it, is a fun way to get people sharing more intimately while practicing the truth skills. We’re creating ways to combine meaningful work, personal/social transformation, and fun.


As you get more skilled in this work, you can start your own webinars, Honesty Salons, and workshops. You can use the card games to get your foot in the door in businesses or to bring together groups of teens, families, singles, etc to play the game, with you facilitating and charging a fee. I can show you how to use TRUTH AT WORK Card Game in corporate team building.

I (Susan Campbell) will refer business to some of you and invite some of you to co-lead events with me.


Trying to look good and appear in control is out. Being transparent is in.

Protecting others from our feelings is out. Honest, experience-based feedback is in.

Worrying about what others will think of you is out. Caring about others is in.

The “right, safe, and certain” game is fast becoming obsolete. By showing people that it’s actually safer to be “real, unique, and open,” we are helping to create a world based on mutual benefit and mutual learning–a world which values each person’s piece of the puzzle, with no victims and no oppressors. I invite you to affirm this vision and practice it in your daily life.

Remember: Aware communication is contagious…..pass it on!


If you can accept honest communication and feedback (and I imagine you can), you will grow. Everyone I know who really practices Getting Real tells me what a positive force this work is in their lives. For me, I am more present and aware, and I trust myself more to deal with the unknown. Present-centered, open-hearted awareness is what most people seem to need in order to be healed.

Along with healing, comes the capacity to create. Expressing our creativity is, in my vision, what we were born to do. I think we are at a time in human history where every one of us is being called to manifest our creative visions, to participate in the healing of the world, to create the world of our dreams. Let’s change the course of history. What else have we got to do?