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What Does a Getting Real Coach Do?

  1. Practice the 10 truth skills yourself
  2. Clear up your withholds and unfinished business (regularly)
  3. Help people make the distinction between noticing and thinking, between relating and controlling, between feeling, sensing and thinking.
  4. Help people notice their beliefs/story/mind chatter vs identifying with these.
  5. Notice your own control patterns and places where you are not in integrity (with acceptance, not self-blame).
  6. Help people notice their control patterns.
  7. Help people notice their genuine positivie energy (values, vision, wants) as contrasted to their shoulds.
  8. Help people accept where they are.
  9. Help people lighten up around expressing emotions (negative and positive both), judgments, assesments.
  10. Help people be specific in their references to incidents and to see the limitations of generalization.