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“I have been an admirer of Susan Campbell's work since we worked together at the University of Massachusetts and the New England Center for Personal and Organizational Development. She is a very gifted and wise counselor and teacher. Over the years, she has developed an amazing body of practical tools for people seeking to live happier, more authentic lives. She is clearly one of the best and brightest in the personal development field.”
Jack Canfield
co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, author of The Success Principles and The Power of Focus.
“I first became aware of Susan Campbell’s pioneering work through her book, The Couple’s Journey. This book changed my whole understanding of what it takes to be successful in a long-term, committed relationship. Susan’s approach informed my own work on personal growth. I have since become an avid follower of her work.”
John Bradshaw
author of Creating Love, Healing the Shame that Binds You, and Reclaiming Virtue
“Susan Campbell is a recognized leader in the Honesty Movement. She has spent her life helping people heal their past so they can live in the present.”
Brad Blanton, Ph.D
author of Radical Honesty, The Truthtellers, and Honest to God (co-authored with Neale Donald Walsh)
“After working with Dr Campbell, I found myself much more confident and less reactive — both in my work with clients and jurors (as a trial attorney) and in my personal life.”
Dennis Wilson
Attorney, Los Angeles, CA
“Working with Susan Campbell’s program has expanded the size of the world I can comfortably live in. She helps you get outside your comfort zone and learn to enjoy the things you used to avoid. This has made a huge difference in my confidence level and effectiveness on the job.”
Darroll Traner
Information Systems Manager, Agilent Technologies
“Susan’s work with our top team has made a critical difference in our company’s success.”
Anthony La Fetra
President, Rain Bird Sprinkler Company
I am now a much more skilled negotiator.
Macin Holsinger, Marketing Director
Macin Holsinger, Marketing Director
Your presentation on managing differences was by far the best I've heard on this subject.
Thomas Kimple, Operations Manager
Pacific Bell