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What Former Clients Have Said

The jury is in, the verdict conclusive... Dr. Susan can help with your business relationships. Read what others have said:

Working with Susan Campbell has expanded the size of the world I can comfortably live in. She helps you get outside your comfort zone and learn to enjoy the things you used to avoid. This has made a huge difference in my stress level and effectiveness on the job.
Darroll Traner, Information Systems Manager
As a manager in a law enforcement agency, the most important part of my job is developing my employees so they perform to their full potential. I signed up for your program to sharpen my skills in communication, negotiation, managing differences and managing change. I have benefited so much from your innovative approach to dealing with relationship issues. I have gotten many new tools and ideas to integrate into my own management style.
Melinda Cabral, Technical Services Manager
City of Santa Rosa, CA
Susan has served as a resource/counselor/coach to me as I have had a difficult situation to resolve with an employee. Susan helped me to see the situation from the employee's perspective, to understand my role and part in our communication difficulties, and to develop alternative approaches to communication. Susan also worked separately with the employee to help her to express her thoughts in a constructive way. As a result of Susan's work with both of us, this situation has completely reversed.
Vicki Groninga, Benefits Compensation Manager
I call Dr. Campbell the industrial strength consultant because her approach is so powerful. My effectiveness and my team's productivity have increased immensely.
David Neal, CEO
Dyna-Gro Corporation
Your work with our top team has made a critical difference in our company's success.
Anthony W. LaFetra, President
RainBird Sprinkler Mfg. Corporation
Working with you has helped me see new ways of working with some of the more difficult people and situations that are a normal, but sometimes frustrating part of my business. I learned many things about myself and about working with groups that I did not know before.
Sandra Reed, CFO
ZAK Landscape Architecture
I am now a much more skilled negotiator.
Macin Holsinger, Marketing Director
Macin Holsinger, Marketing Director
Your presentation on managing differences was by far the best I've heard on this subject.
Thomas Kimple, Operations Manager
Pacific Bell