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What Is Getting Real Coaching?

Getting Real Coaching — Coaches Training Program

Purpose: To train coaches who can assist others:

  • to live a life of aware presence, instead of identifying themselves as their stories or as the contents of their minds;
  • to develop practices that help them notice when they are present and when they are living from a limiting belief or fear-story;
  • to apply the 10 truth skills described in the book, Getting Real, to all areas of their lives (health, career, relationships, social and community life, inner or spiritual life, play, sex, family)

You may elect to be trained as a Certified Getting Real Coach. Or you may wish to participate in some of Susan’s training events or mentoring sessions in order to add these tools to your coaching toolbox.

If you elect to become a Getting Real Coach, you will have a series of meetings with Susan to assess your level of interest, skill, and commitment and to plan out what your training program will consist of and what it will cost.

The outcome of these meetings is a contract or letter of agreement between you and Susan defining what you will get and what it will cost.

If you are interested in pursuing this further, email Dr. Susan or call 707 829-3646.