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Upcoming Events/Workshops:

To register or get info about any of these programs, contact Susan at (707) 829-3646 or at the email address below (unless otherwise noted below). Getting Real: The Power of Conscious Communication May 7th and 8th 2022 (Cost: $350) A residential workshop in Sebastopol, CA with Susan Campbell (author of GETTING REAL: 10 Truth Skills You Need to Live an Authentic Life) “You can only be as honest as you are self-aware.”  GETTING REAL teaches 10 truth skills that make you a more present, aware, spontaneous, delightful communicator. Most people are afraid to be totally honest for good reason…because what most people call “honest communication” is tainted by the mind’s tendency to look good, avoid discomfort, be right, or otherwise “control the outcome.” But when you learn to put your attention on your own here-now experience rather than worrying about the outcome, you discover the real source of personal power, love, and trust. Using a mixture of experiential exercises (Gestalt, psychodrama, Getting Real, Somatic Awareness) and the Honesty Salon structure, we will learn practices for becoming more conscious of our unconscious thought patterns and communication habits. As we learn and practice the 10 Truth Skills of Getting Real, we will notice and free ourselves of the ways we “go on automatic” when we are anxious or uncomfortable—so we can approach each new moment with an openness to “what is.” With other like-minded people, we will learn how to:

The workshop is intended for people who want to join with others to explore honesty as a spiritual awareness practice, getting to the essential self that is beyond conditioned fears, beliefs, and control patterns — so we can be in intimate relationship with ourselves, with others, and with life.

Emphasis will be on developing communication skills and awareness practices that you can take home and integrate into your daily life

Cost: $350 per person

May 7th and 8th 2022
Time/date: (Sat-Sun), 10am-5pm both days

Location: Sebastopol, CA, one hour north of San Francisco (directions to follow registration)

REGISTER NOW: Call (707) 829-3646 or email:

“After this workshop, I found myself much more confident and less reactive — both in my work with clients and jurors (as a trial attorney) and in my personal life.”   – Dennis Wilson, Attorney, Los Angeles


Psychologist Susan Campbell has worked as a corporate trainer and relationship coach for 45 years. A former professor at the University of Massachusetts, she is author of 10 books on the topic of relationships and human communication. Her most recent work centers on how to use honest, presence-centered communication as vehicle for personal healing and expanded self-awareness. This body of work is described in her best-selling, Getting Real and her more recent books, Truth in Dating, and Saying What’s Real. Her work has been featured in many popular magazines including New Woman, Psychology Today, Self, Harvard Business Review, Seventeen, Men’s Health, New Age, Fast Company, and Yoga Journal. For more information, visit her website

Getting Real Honesty Salon: Experience the 10 Truth Skills in a Small Group

with Susan Campbell, Ph.D. Cost: $200

A 6-Session Daytime Group offered as a webinar on 6 consecutive Wednesday afternoons, PST (using the zoom webinar format)

Contact Susan at the email address below to find out dates of the latest offerings.

This 6 session class will give participants skill and practice using the 10 Truth Skills you need to live an authentic life.